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Betty Emmering, née Lissauer (b.1881) and both her sons Ferdinand (b.1905) and Alfons Aron (b.1906), her daughter Rebekka (b.1907), her nephew Hermann Rosenstein (b.1922) and her brother Ernst Lissauer (b.1883) lived at Schildstrasse 5.

Betty Emmering, née Lissauer, (b. 1881), managed to escape with both her sons Ferdinand (b. 1905) and Alfons Aron Emmering (b. 1906) to the Netherlands in 1935. Her daughter Rebekka (b. 1907) followed them in 1938. After the occupation of the Netherlands by the Germans they were first interned in Camp Westerbork.

In 1943 Betty Emmering was first deported to Bergen-Belsen, then to Auschwitz, where she was murdered 11 October 1944.

The same year Ferdinand was deported to Camp Sobibor in south-east Poland and murdered there 13 March 1943, whereas Alfons Aron Emmering was deported to Auschwitz and lost his life 30 June 1944.

In 1944 Rebekka was taken to Theresienstadt (now Terezin, Czech Republic) and from there to Auschwitz and on to Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen. She lost her life 15 April 1945.

Hermann Rosenstein (b. 1922) was the son of Betty Emmering’s sister. He could escape to the Netherlands in 1936. He was also interned at Camp Westerbork and later deported to Auschwitz, from there to Camp Kaufering, one of the subcamps of Dachau. Here he was forced to work to his death on 14 November 1944 .

Betty´s brother Ernst Lissauer, (b. 1883) was arrested in 1935 and taken to Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen, where he was murdered 11 July 1940.

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