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Fanny Aronsohn and Flora Hess lived at Fischstraße 31.

Fanny Aronsohn and her niece Flora Hess lived at Fischstraße 31.

Little is known about them; there is not even a picture of the residential building where they lived at that time and which was destroyed in the air raid of 1942.

Fanny Aronsohn’s father, the tailor Isidor Aronsohn, was a Lübeck citizen since 1867. He came from Klezewe in Poland and was born there on 12 July 1837. His wife Betty, née Pincus, was born in Moisling on 15 March 1843.

The couple had nine children, two of whom died very young; Sara Selma aged ten weeks, and Marcus at seven. Their daughter Nanny, born 1870, died in 1911. She was 41 years old. Their fifth child, Fanny, was born on 7 March 1874.

Isidor Aronsohn died on 3 March 1915. That same year Betty Aronsohn moved from St.-Annen- Straße 7 to Fischstraße 31, to an apartment on the second floor. Until 1935 she was listed in the address records, starting in 1936 Fanny Aronsohn’s address was listed as Fischstraße 31, with an additional resident being added in 1939, the husband of her youngest sister Malchen (born in 1882). Their registration cards show their places of residence in Altona, Ahrensburg, Segeberg, Frankfurt / Oder and Hamburg, as well as a trip to New York in 1902. Finally it says:

"Married since the 29th of May 1910 in Dortmund to Willy Bruns, Dortmund hairdresser".

Willy Bruns or Bruhns was not a Jew, therefore his wife Malchen, who had been baptized into the Protestant faith, escaped deportation. Her name can be found in the police administration’s so-called mixed marriages list.

Compulsory names: Fanny Aronssohn
Compulsory names: Fanny Aronssohn
Compulsory names: Flora Hess
Compulsory names: Flora Hess

Flora Hess was a daughter of Fanny Aronsohn’s eldest sister Friedchen. She was born on 7 February 1868, worked as a housekeeper and married the butcher and cattle dealer Y. Moses Hess in Bunde in East Friesland in 1891. Flora Hess was born there on 24 December 1895. The scant entry in the register in Lübeck says: Mosaic, single, housemaid.

Furthermore there are these entries: In 1941 officially evacuated and declared dead by order of the Lübeck district court (5 II 668/53) of 5-1-54 (effective 11-3-54).

About the fate of Flora Hess’ parents nothing has been discovered so far as well as for her siblings Salomon (b. 1872), Hannchen (b. 1877) and Samuel (b. 1879), who had also left Lübeck as a young adults. Samuel moved to Paris in 1927 with his wife Antonia, née Floirac.

At the time of deportation to Riga on 6 December 1941 Fanny Aronsohn was 67, Flora Hess 46 years old.

Nothing is known about the circumstances of their deaths; we don’t know, if they had already died at camp Jungfernhof, or if they were among the many people killed in the two shootings in Bikernieki Forest in February and March 1942 or if they were among those people who were classified as fit for work and had to do forced labour even up to 1944 finally losing their lives at Stutthof concentration camp near Danzig.

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Heidemarie Kugler-Weiemann, 2008

Translation:  Martin Harnisch and Glenn Sellick, 2010