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Stumbling Stones for Lübeck Initiative


Am Mittwoch, dem 26. Juni 2024, werden um 16 Uhr in der Mühlenstraße 81 vier Stolpersteine für die…

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Neuester Stolperstein für ...
Rosa Schenk geb. Schild
Monatliche Treffen der Initiative Stolpersteine für Lübeck 2024

Die monatlichen Treffen der Initiative finden jeweils donnerstags um 19 Uhr im…

Entstehung und Arbeitsweise der Initiative

Anknüpfend an das Projekt Stolpersteine des Künstlers Gunter Demnig (s. „Das…

Welcome to the website of the initiative for "Stumbling Stones for Lübeck"

The artist Gunter Demnig begins the embossing of every brass plate for a Stumbling Stone with the words “Here lived ... ” followed by the name of the person, who once lived there, the year he or she was born, the year of the person’s deportation or arrest, and the date of the person’s murder.  When another Stumbling Stone is laid in a sidewalk the name of a former citizen becomes visible in front of the place where he or she last lived of his or her own free will.  As a result the individual moves back to the city and the neighbourhood from which he or she was torn and is memorialized.


The Stumbling Stones project was started in 1993.  It keeps alive the memory of the victims of the tyranny of the National Socialist regime, namely the memory of the Jews, who were expelled and murdered, the Roma and Sinti, the victims of political persecution, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, as well as the victims of the regime’s so called “euthanasia” program.  In towns and cities in Germany as well as other European countries Gunter Demnig’s work is supported by initiatives like the one here in Lübeck.

“In order to read the names of the victims we have to bow down before them.”

Gunter Demnig

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